A Guide for Tradie Partners

Are you married to a tradie? Keen to support them? There are many ways that you can help your tradie partner with their trades business. From creating marketing materials to sourcing tradesman insurance quotes, here are some wonderfully creative ideas that will get your partner’s business pumping: 

Marketing Materials

If your tradie partner runs a local business, marketing materials can be extremely important. Flyers, posters, brochures and business cards will all spread the word about your trades business and can be instrumental in gaining new customers. Merchandise like magnets, calendars, car decals and even t-shirts can all be beneficial too.

Once they’ve been printed and produced, help your partner get the word out there: put up posters and flyers around your local area, complete a letter-box drop or find other ways to share your materials and merchandise with the local community.

Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman insurance is critical to the success of your partner’s tradie business and in many circumstances, they won’t be able to operate without the right insurance. Tradesman insurance will protect your partner’s business and ensure peace of mind in the event that something goes wrong and it will serve to protect your assets too. You can assist in the organisation of tradesman insurance by researching the types of insurance available, sourcing quotes and reviewing the conditions of each package.

Tradesman insurance can include: public liability insurance, machinery and tools insurance, home warranty insurance, personal accident/sickness insurance and vehicle insurance.

Protect your business and get an online Public Liability insurance quote today or contact our Trades Insurance specialists on: 1300 550 665.

Tradie Portfolios

These days, many tradies like to keep a portfolio so that they can showcase their work, skills and experience to future clients. Organising a portfolio is a creative way to promote your partner’s tradie business and this can be easily created online (digitally) or offline (for example, in a folder). Make sure that you take sufficient photos of any building work and include a brief description of what type of work was carried out. The better your photos are, the more impressive your tradie’s work will look!


If you choose to create an online portfolio for your tradesman partner, it might be a great idea to also combine this portfolio with a website. A website can be a vital marketing tool for any business and it will allow you to communicate important information about the company and trade services to potential clients. Your website can include details such as the type of trades work on offer, the qualifications your partner has, what they’re covered for with tradesman insurance and their contact details and service areas.

There are many services online that will allow you to create your own website for free or for a very small fee. Alternatively, you can seek help from a professional web service if you have some funds to spare. 


Like any businessman, tradies need to keep on top of their books and finances. If you are great at numbers, assisting your partner with their financial management can help their business run much more smoothly. Raising invoices, chasing payments, paying bills and balancing the books are just some of the tasks you can assist with. Furthermore, this will give your tradie the time to go out and earn more business, since they know they’ll have someone at home completing their administrative work! It also means more time for both of you after work hours and saves your partner from having to spend hours in front of the computer at the end of the day or on the weekend.



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