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 If you are a kitchen or bathroom installer or designer, it’s vital that you have a form of tradies insurance that matches the activities and risks associated with your job. Insurance for tradies is important in protecting your business, your workers, your clients – and most of all, YOU.

Insurance for Tradies – Kitchen Installers and Designers

Kitchen designers and installers require specialised tradies insurance that gives them the right cover for the tasks involved with their installations, especially when working on another person’s property. Kitchen builds can involve carpenters, plumbers, electricians and installers.

Without the right insurance as a kitchen installer, you can injure yourself, another person, damage property or be sued for any oversights/errors on your behalf.

Insurance for Tradies – Bathroom & Wet Room Installers and Designers

With the increasing trend of wet rooms in both residential and commercial spaces, insurance for tradies designing, building, renovating and installing wet rooms and bathrooms is crucial.

Building and installing wet rooms and bathrooms can be hazardous work which involves design, plumbing and electrical expertise. Since bathroom and wet rooms can take a few days or weeks to complete, it also means that the homeowner will likely have access to the room when you are not working on it. If they are injured (even when you are not there), they can sue you for neglect.

Similarly, if one of your contractors is injured while building the wet room or bathroom (e.g. a contractor slips on the tiles, which are wet due to neglect, and hurts his back), they can also sue your company.

Without the right tradies insurance, you may have to pay out thousands or even millions of dollars in compensation. On top of this, you would probably also have to pay large legal fees.

What Type of Tradies Insurance is Best For Kitchen & Bathroom Installers?

  • Public Liability Insurance: This protects your business (and you) from financial losses if someone sues you due to an injury or if you cause any damage to a person’s home while working on it
  • Home Warranty Insurance: This is mandatory in most states for building work over a certain amount (e.g. $20,000 in NSW); home warranty insurance exists to protect the homeowner/client if you produce any faulty work or fail to finish the agreed work
  • Business Pack Insurance: You can combine your desired insurances for your activities and place of business in our Business Pack! You can choose to be covered for theft, fire and public liability and much more
  • Tools of Trade Insurance: If your tools are stolen or damaged, will you be able to complete your work? This insurance covers repairs and replacement costs for your tools, so that you don’t have to pay
  • Motor Fleet Insurance: Insure your car and any company cars with Motor Fleet Insurance; this ensures you can get to/from your work site and that any breakdowns or accidents don’t result in financial losses

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