Looking for trade insurance while you’re on the go? iPads, iPhones and other mobile smartphones have come to shape the way we do business these days, from sending quick quotes to responding to client emails and scheduling new work.

Soon, Trades Ensurance will be transforming the way you search for trade insurance online, by allowing you to source trade insurance quotes via your iPad, tablet or mobile phone!

Trade Insurance On Your Mobile

With mobile websites and mobile services, trade insurance will be even easier to find when you’re at work.   

We know that tradies like yourself are constantly on the move and that you don’t always have extra time up your sleeve to organise your trade insurance needs. With our mobile service, you can be guaranteed a simple and fast insurance process that can be completed anytime throughout your work day.

Got a smartphone or tablet? Start looking for trade insurance quotes… 

  • While on a break
  • When you’ve got down time between jobs or when you’re moving between sites  
  • In the morning before your kick-start your day
  • In the afternoon, before you head home

The popularity of mobile phones and tablets also means that the future of trade insurance on smaller devices is getting better! Customers will start to see more and more mobile-specific landing pages and mobile/tablet websites that will make purchasing trade insurance online even simpler, quicker and more enjoyable.

  • You can get a trade insurance quote within 2 minutes or less on your phone
  • If you prefer to talk to someone about your trade insurance (or if you want to put in a request for someone to call you back) you can make quick and easy phone calls with one tap thanks to click-to-call features on mobile phones
  • The ease of obtaining a quote on your mobile or tablet means you won’t have to spend hours at your computer after a long day at work or have to worry about sorting out trade insurance in your own time
  • If you apply via your phone or tablet, you can also obtain trade insurance approval fast, meaning that you won’t have to delay work or wait until you’re at a computer to get approval

Get Ready for Trade Insurance On Your Small Device!

If you plan to search for trade insurance via your mobile or tablet, you’ll need to know:

  • Your occupation
  • What type of insurance you need or want
  • The value of what you are covering
  • Your level of public liability cover required
  • Your location or postcode

Trades Ensurance hopes to make things easier for all tradies and we will be kicking off our mobile and tablet-friendly website on soon, so stay tuned!

Need a quote right now? Apply online instantly or contact our Trades Insurance specialists on: 1300 550 665.



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