Are You Covered for Accidents or Sickness in the Workplace?

Personal Accidents & Sickness Insurance

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance has been developed to protect tradies in the event that they become injured and cannot work to support themselves.

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance is about bringing you peace of mind, so that you don’t have to stress about what will happen to you if you injure yourself and can’t earn a living.

What Are Your Insurance Options as a Tradie?

Tradies Insurance Options

If you are a tradie, making sure you have the right insurance is important. Without it, you could be risking your business, your finances or your personal wellbeing. But insurance for tradies doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to understand. If you are starting out as a tradie, here are the main  tradies insurance options open to you:

Are You a Qualified Tradesmen? Get the Facts on Insurance

Insurance for Tradesmen

As a qualified tradesman, you will have a great understanding of the risks that are involved with everyday construction or renovation work. For this reason, insurance for tradesmen is highly specialised, vital to have and in some cases, compulsory.

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